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"Indy Sunset Skyline" from Favorites Gallery

@2019 Bryan Hudson

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Bryan Hudson has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts & Science and a Master's Degree in Instructional Systems Technology, both from Indiana University. He also did undergraduate work at John Herron Institute of Art in Indianapolis.

Bryan is a FAA certified CFR Part 107 sUAS (drone) remote pilot, authorized to accept commercial aerial photography and videography projects.

He has 35+ years of experience in design and all forms of media production, including  print, 4K video, and aerial imaging.  Bryan has executed production work across the globe including the USA, United Kingdom, Kenya, and Trinidad-Tobago.

His work has been featured on television networks like Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Indianapolis area television stations. Bryan is widely recognized as an expert and consultant to organizations such as small businesses and churches.

His 19 years of youth mentoring and media arts training was recognized in 2018 by the College Mentors organization with a Youth Mentor of the Year finalist award.

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